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YKNOT US Yacht Charters

YKNOT US Yacht charters is here to fulfill your yachting dreams. Perhaps you would like to take a trip to a remote island (or 3), find a secret sandy beach, get a private tour of historical sites, or maybe just relax with friends amidst stunning city views. It can be done at your command. 

Relax and unwind without a worry, as we take care of all your desires. Want to lounge with champagne on the sun pads? Your crew will be there for you. 

Our yachts are immaculately maintained and ready to impress. We are proud to keep our yachts updated with the newest technology and believe that our yachts offer the best value in Tampa Bay. Because we appreciate our clients, we often run promotions to those subscribed on our website, or following us on social media. 


For more information, please visit our other pages. 





Covid Safety: All of our yachts are captain maintained and thoroughly sanitized before your arrival.

Your Health and safety is our priority.

*Promotions do not apply on holidays or holiday weekends.


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