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Sunset Tours with a superb Captain

Want to experience the best of Tampa Bay by yachting? Consider a sunset tour; beautiful, relaxing and romantic. Clearwater Beach to St. Pete Beach is one of the most popular routes for sunset tours.

Take in the incredible views of Tampa Bay as you cruise along the white sand shores and catch glimpses of stunning wildlife. Consider dining at one of the popular restaurants or hire a Private Chef.

Downtown St Pete to John’s Pass is another great option for those exploring Tampa Bay. Here, visitors can pass the iconic Vinoy Hotel and feel the excitment of downtown St Pete as they set sail toward John’s Pass. Once at John’s Pass, visitors can wander along the quaint boardwalk or take a stroll on the beach.

No matter which route you choose, sunset tours with a captain are an incredible way to experience the beauty of Tampa Bay. Stunning views and plenty of opportunities to explore, sunset tours are an amazing experience! Call Bev at 352.317.5269 to book your Charter.

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